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I'm Jie, a Ph.D. candidate, researcher, and designer based in Sydney.

Hello there! I'm Jie, rooted in Sydney and specialized in design research, UX, and graphic design. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, I delve deep into the psychology of user behavior, aspiring to craft experiences that aren't just good but extraordinary.

When I'm not weaving magic into designs, you can catch me indulging in the quirky world of silly invention and creation videos, or unwinding in the charming landscapes of Stardew Valley. Thanks for stopping by to peruse my portfolio—I'm thrilled to share my world with you!

Research Interests

  • Smart Product Systems On Older People

  • C0-design/Participatory Design

  • Experience Design

  • Service Design

  • Art Therapy

  • User Experiences

  • Service Design

  • Graphic and Visual Design

  • Smart Home Care Ecosystems

  • Older People

  • Self-perceptions

  • User Experiences

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