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Personal Role : Interaction Design & Business Strategy, 2017 fall in Wuhan, China

After the rise of the big city, everyone is the master of the city of Wuhan. This year, we designed the theme of “Star, Light Year” for the Wuhan Tiandi Christmas Season, strengthening the connection between Wuhan people, people and cities, witnessing the development of Wuhan in ten years, and enhancing the city's cohesiveness. Thus, every Wuhan people can feel it and have the sense of belonging.

Let the citizens stand in the center of the city and let Wuhan go to the hearts of the citizens.

Background Analysis

Wuhan’s location at the central hub + the inclusive culture and policy of Wuhan
It leads to a weak sense of belonging to the diversified population of mobility in this immigrant city.


Three Project Plans


User Journeys


Space Journey Map


Project one:Colorful triangular prism

Rotating triangular prisms to attract customers into the mall.


Project two:12 constellation device

Enter the mall, and you can find your own constellation. And learn about Christmas tree chasing activities.

Group 2.png

Project three:Christmas tree installation

Christmas tree chasing activities make everyone become the leading role of the city.

Group 3.png

Production Process

Meaning Of Graphics - We take the triangle element.

Project 1: The triangular prism reflects the radiance, making the user feel the light  in all directions.

Project 2: The multi-faceted triangular mirror assists the main constellation, so that every user can be the focus of the crowd even they are in the corner of the mall, finding their own sense of existence.

Project 3: Our Christmas tree is in the form of a tripod, which means the stability and inclusiveness of the city, and the support between people in the city. The device is wrapped with various kinds of bright neon lights, which means the elite of the city shining here. The whole city is like this Christmas tree as the citizens are giving their strength in this solid support frame.


Plane Sketch

In the early stage of the project, we designed three sketches of the project, focusing on the color matching and element building blocks.


3D Effect

After the plane effect is completed, we began to design 3D effect based on the exact drawings of the mall.


Materials Selection

Based on the effect of the previous smashing theme, we selected the rainbow film as the main visual material of our three projects, which can create a “holographic color” (Holographic: a holographic feeling with rich metal and three-dimensional texture).

We selected the splendid starry sky environment and the constellation points for the twelve constellations of the second project, and put the constellation theme objects on the front to create a layered star effect.

We have set different color themes according to the signs of the wind, the earth, the water, and the fire.

IMG_8717 2.png

Try A Variety Of Ways To Make It Happen

We bought raw materials and pigments and started to draw manually.

Try 3D printing technology at the factory.

Through trying various production methods, and looking for materials on the market, we found that we can't express our works well. Finally, we decided to combine 3D printing technology with artificial drawing to present our works.


Small Model Effects

We scale down the model based on the results of the production, and make small models to see the full effect.


Field Construction

Finally, after the materials were all ready, we started to set up the site.


Light up the city’s dream of light-chasing
Will the "light chaser" be you, one of the best in the world?

"In boundless interstellar, every star has its own light and a little shine intertwines into a network for entangling into a colorful Galaxy. With everyone's care, love and support, Wuhan Tiandi will surely bloom more dazzling fashion light."is solid support frame.


Social Impact and Communication Power

「29,000 Readings」

The event was covered by many major media outlets in China and attracted over 2,000 people that day. Wuhan has now entered the “fast lane” of urban development, more and more people have settled in Wuhan, and the surrounding people are diversified. But on the other hand, some talents stayed in Wuhan are left the hometown alone to come to this big city. 

「A Sense of Belonging」

From striving for the life alone to the process of getting married, everyone wants to find a sense of belonging.

分组 16.png
Screenshot 2021-06-20 at 3.30.49 PM.png

Photos from the event - Colorful triangular prism

The triangular prism reflects the radiance, making the user feel the light  in all directions.

"In boundless interstellar, every star has its own light and a little shine intertwines into a network for entangling into a colorful Galaxy. With everyone's care, love and support, Wuhan Tiandi will surely bloom more dazzling fashion light."

Colorful triangular prism.png

Colorful triangular prism.png



Photos from the event - 12 constellation device

Wuhan's first real version of the interstellar blockbuster "starring" by you.

12 constellation device - Pisces

12 constellation device - Pisces

12 constellation device02.png

12 constellation device02.png

12 constellation device03.png

12 constellation device03.png

12 constellation device04.png

12 constellation device04.png

Photos from the event - Christmas tree installation

Light up the city’s dream of light-chasing.

2017 Wuhan Tiandi "Christmas Light Year",

Wuhan’s most technologically sensitive and futuristic,

The first to span time and space, light years,

The first to base on the theme of the interstellar,

Embedded with light and color,

Embellished with the extraordinary "Christmas Tree of Light",

Will select the  "Chasers" for 12 constellations in the whole city.

Are you willing to be one bunch of the "light"?

Will you be a bunch of  the "light"?

Together with the world, warm the whole city with your own hands.

Christmas tree installation.png

Christmas tree installation.png

People engaged.png

People engaged.png



Audience Said

"This is the tenth year of “Christmas Light” in Wuhan Tiandi, and it is also the most important time of my life. From one person to work in this city, to get married, from one person to a family of three, the annual “Christmas light” would make me shuttle in the time and space tunnel. The old year is about to pass, and the new year will come again."

——said the visitor Miss Yuan.

Group 6.png
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