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The Investigation And Research Of Wuhan Kitchen. Inspire more young people to use the kitchen frequently and return “home”.

The project was developed based on the research of the Tsinghua University China Industrial Design Beijiao Forum Collaborative Innovation Design Workshop - Wuhan Engineering University research team in 2017 and 2018.


Personal Project, 2017 Fall in Wuhan & Beijing, China 

Desk Research

The kitchen is rarely used by young people in China. For the Chinese, the kitchen is a vital place for emotional communication, and more young people recognize its importance. Furthermore, there are serious problems in domestic takeaway industry.



I launched an on-site questionnaire in Nanhu district of  Wuhan City on young people’s acceptance of the kitchen, reasons for cooking and not cooking, the most annoying experience and problems of cooking. 127 valid questionnaires  were accomplished by participants, 85% of whom are between 18 to 35 years old and most of them are employees and students. 55% participants have private residence and 32% participants live in youth-targeted apartments, 83.33% of which contain kitchens.

Group 2.png

User Interview

To further obtain how young people use the kitchen, I interviewed 12 young people in Wuhan to conclude three types of kitchen: public kitchen, private kitchen and temporary kitchen

Group 12.png

Target User

From the interview, I notice young people who like cooking would feel the kitchen work a little troublesome, no matter they live alone, with friends or partner. To resolve this problem, I sorted three groups as targeted users.

Group 13.png

User Analysis

Group 32.png
Group 33.png

Further Investigation

On account of the conclusion drawn in my brainstorming, I investigated the people with free time in the community. In Nanhu 712 Research Institute, I visited retirees, housewives and experienced cleaners to figure out they had daily free time of about 5-7 hours, of which they would like to make full use.


Design Opportunity




Service buleprint

Group 7.png

Server Upgrade System

分组 3.png

Information Flow & Prototypes

分组 2.png
Group 333435.png
Group 34.png
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