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The pleasure of talking about sex

2020 fall in London, UK

The project was made in collaboration with SH:24.
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This project involved several different facets in regards to research, coordination and feedback. We would first like to extend our gratitude to SH:24 for collaborating with us on this project & allowing us to explore and enhance their website. They provided us with all the information we needed in order to complete this proposal. We would also like to thank our tutors, Dr. Hena Ali and Dr. Lara Salinas for their guidance and support. This project was smooth sailing because of it. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our research and led us to narrow down our target audience.    


The ability to connect with others and to deeply understand them is the key to be able to design services that are actually changing lives. Throughout this project we met wonderful people in unimaginable places.


We want to say first thank you to the invisible ones. Those who we did not even get their names, but were there for us and were excited to talk to us about our project. Thank you bus rider, convenience store manager, church member, coffee shop owner. All of you were fundamental for us.

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My Pleasure - SH:24


Key issues 关键问题
Methodology 方法论
Timeline 时间表


Desk research 案头研究
Interviews 访谈
Insights 访谈


Empathy map 同理心地图
Persona 用户画像
User journey map 用户旅程图
How might we question HMW问题
Key themes 关键主题


Ideation 构思
Prototype 原型测试
Testing & Feedback 测试&反馈


Service proposal 服务提案
Offline Touchpoints 线下触点
Online Touchpoint 线上触点
User Journey 用户服务旅程
SWOT Analysis SWOT 分析

Recommendations 见解


SH:24 is an online sexual health service platform and is partnered with the NHS. They aim to make the process of getting tested for STIs easier as well as provide information on all things related to sexual health. According to research conducted by SH:24, the rates of sexually transmitted infections in the UK are increasing with a 5% rise seen from 2018 to 2019. There is a large stigma around the topic of STIs due to the lack of information in the public and people are now turning to online platforms for support. 54% of adults in the UK search for this information online and rely on forums to learn more. SH:24 aims to bridge that gap of the lack of information online by providing forums, advice and knowledge regarding sexual health issues and do this by offering expert help 24 hours a day.


While SH:24 is easily accessible, the material on their website can be hard to comprehend for young people who are not well informed on issues related to this topic. Our mission with this project is to enhance SH:24’s website to add more user-friendly information that appeals to college-aged people. We believe that sexual health should be a topic of conversation among young people so they are aware of all the implications around it.

Key Issue

The stigma around the topic of sexual health draws young people away from having conversations about it. It is important to have knowledge on the topic to avoid STIs and unwanted pregnancies. According to SH:24, women in the UK spend up to 30 years avoiding unintended pregnancies and half of the pregnancies in England and Wales are unintended. Due to this, people don’t have the right information regarding contraception or its benefits and side effects. Hence, we think this topic is important to address young people who know how to accurately research topics and where to go to locate the information they need.


During the project, we followed the Double Diamond framework. We split the project into four phases, Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver. However, the focus of this unit was largely on the last two phases of the double diamond.

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The module was divided into three phases.


In the first phase, we worked in collaboration with SH:24. Through our desk research, we found that the LGBTQ+ community is underserved and does not have access to information and sexual healthcare. A lot of people belonging to this community suffer in silence while fighting unavoidable sexual health issues. Through LGBTQ+SH:24, we hoped to promote conversation, provide access to STI Prevention via a kit and some additions to the SH:24 website.


In the second phase, we collaborated with the Business and Innovation Cell at UAL:LCC. We created a volunteering service for the students of UAL to help them find volunteer jobs to make themselves more employable.


Moving into the third phase, we chose to continue our project with SH:24. As a team, we felt that talking about sexual health is important as ease of communication about sex plays an important role in sexual pleasure. Open communication, self-acceptance, and a willingness to seek help when something does not work can promote sexual pleasure and reduce stigma. (


After receiving feedback on the first deliverable of the SH:24 project, we reiterated our brief.  We broadened our focus to university students and chose to work on sexual pleasure and the importance of communication.



Desk research

Secondary Research

We started the project by gaining a better understanding of the services SH:24 currently offers.


We also looked at other organizations and scoped out what existing services have to offer. Through our desk research, we found that most young people want to know more about sex and pleasure. Talking about pleasure shouldn’t be secondary: it should be at the forefront of sex education. The current study provides evidence that many adolescents do not discuss important sexual health topics with the very people in their lives – their parents, friends, and dating partners – who may help them make safer sexual decisions. Sexual communication is critical to the development and maintenance of healthy sexual function (Masters & Johnson, 1970)

Asset 5_4x_edited.png

A chart shows a number of people who don’t talk about sexual issued with others.
Many adolescents do not discuss important sexual health topics with their parents, friends, and dating partners who may help them make safer sexual decisions.
Data shows among sexually active youth, increased sexual communication with partners was associated with more frequent condom use.

Asset 5_4x_edited_edited.png


To get a better understanding of exact problems, we conducted a research through interview and Instagram polls. We asked our target audience questions about sexual pleasure and problems around communication between partner.

Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 4.00.54 PM.png


Results from instagram polls and interviews. We found an outstanding number of choices that participants made. We also found a conflict between couples from their answers, for example, some couple gave unmatched answer to the question “Have you ever experienced difficulties around sexual conversation?” e.g. girlfriend said NO but boyfriend said YES, I have problems around conversation. Some couples also responded to the question “Who do you feel comfortable talking about sex with? differently. These insights proved that people do have different levels of problems around sexual conversation and relationship. Wouldn’t it be nicer to provoke them to talk to each other or to other people whom they trust to ease sexual problems.

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Empathy map
User journey map
How might we question
Key themes

Empathy map

We try to map user’s behaviors and attitudes. It helps us better understand our users by geting inside the heads of them.

Asset 1_4x.png


Asset 3_4x.png

User journey map

Asset 1_4x.png

How might we question

Based on our primary and secondary research, we found that the main issue regarding sexual health is the lack of conversation around it due to the stigma. Our mission is to use SH:24’s platform to engage more conversation by providing more information that is easy to understand.

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Key themes

Based on our primary and secondary research, we found that the main issue regarding sexual health is the lack of conversation around it due to the stigma. Our mission is to use SH:24’s platform to engage more conversation by providing more information that is easy to understand.

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Service proposal
Offline Touchpoints
Online Touchpoint
User Journey
SWOT Analysis


Our ideation process consisted of breaking down the problem into three parts: before the problem, during the problem and after having the problem. Through this, we discussed important aspects of each step and how they can be solved through our proposal. We then narrowed it down to our question of “how might we help SH:24 to promote conversations around sex to ensure that people have accurate information about sexual relations.”



We distilled our ideas and narrowed our focus to two main areas:

An online and offline intervention in SH:24s exisiting service.

We tested the online and offline elemetnts of our service proposal.

To test our ideas, we created quick prototypes.



We wanted to test the following things:

(online website):

1.What kind of content users expect?

2. How often people read articles on sexual health?

3. Are users willing to share their sexual experiences?

4. What kind of sexual topics users are interested in?

5. User flow of the website


(offline workshops or events):

Test if the cards are attractive for  people to join the workshops

Test the function of the cards roles about questions and tips on how to start the conversation

Test people if the contents of the cards can open up the conversation of talking about sex topic with friends and couples














We divided the test into three parts: paper prototypes (wireframes) of the website, workshop card games that help as conversation starters, and sexual knowledge cards.


We tested the prototyopes in the Typo Cafe at LCC. After interviewing students from backgrounds, we recieved interesting feedback. Finally, we adjusted and improved our design based on the feedback.



From the test we found that:


Knowledge cards are useful and informative.

Conversation starter cards:

- Some people feel comfortable to talk with close friends and feel embarrassed to talk to strangers.

- The cards are too detailed and personal and sharing with someone they don’t know might be a bit difficult.

- The interviewees feel comfortable having a conversation and feel like it might be a good way to start conversations with their partner.


The feedback about the website:

- People are willing to use the website and would be willing to read the articles.

- SH:24 can interview people from different perspectives to make personal stories.

- Frequency of articles depends on how often having sex.



Service proposal
Offline Touchpoints
Online Touchpoint
User Journey
SWOT Analysis

Service Proposal

OUR modification to the existing SH:24 service

HELP(S)  young people who have difficulty talking about sexual problems with others

WHO WANT TO find reliable information and comfort to open-up a meaningful conversation

BY adding engaging and accessible features on the SH24 website, offline workshops to provoke conversation and campaign which calls people’s attention

RESULTING IN pleasurable sex and a healthier sex life along with an awareness of safe sex.



SHPrototype-workshop card2.jpg
SHPrototype-workshop card.jpg

​Website Interface

In design style, our website has improved the problem that SH: 24 text is too heavy to read. More visual communication methods such as pictures, videos and graphics are selected to make readers more engaged. On contraception module, we check the pervious design into cards design for user easily comparing different contraception methods. In terms of content, we added the sexual pleasure feature to the original content SH: 24. Users can easily obtain information they would like to know have.

We believe that only a good sex life can lead to a truly healthy life.


Asset 1_4x.png

SWOT Analysis

Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 5.54.59 PM.png
Screenshot 2021-07-01 at 5.55_edited.jpg


Team Reflections


We hope that this project will, at the very least, provide some useful insights for SH:24, helping them to address the importance of sexual pleasure and communication.


Most young people are unaware of the impact good communication can have on their relationship with their partners. By spreading awareness about this, SH:24 will bet taking a step forward to de-stigmatize sex.


In an ideal world, we hope that our service concept will be taken forward and implented with the existing services SH:24 has to offer. To do this, they would need to fully develop our model and test it with people around Southwark and Lambeth. They could also take this a step forward by looking at sexual assault and other related consequences of poor sexual relationships.

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