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RADIUS, Design on Aging  

A service-oriented platform dedicated to enriching the post-retirement community life of middle-aged and elderly people. 2017 Fall in China. 



Something to say  一点看法

Living in the same community, neighbors rarely talk to each other, and the towering buildings seem to have built a wall in people's hearts, and many residents are increasingly nostalgic for the old "neighborhood" type of compound relationship. Young people may have little feeling because of their work, but retired or empty nesters who have nothing else to do face the closed doors of their homes and inevitably have a sigh in their hearts. Modern cities are becoming busier and busier, and many children are constantly on the move for their future, making it difficult to be with their parents. These are the inevitable results of development, and the relationship can never be balanced.


We cannot change this social phenomenon, so we can only start by widening the circle of life of the elderly after retirement. Relying on the community, we can redefine community and neighborhood relations by bringing neighbors closer together through the Internet. We can enrich the life circle of the elderly in just the right way, so that they can have a sense of security and happiness in their old age, and this is the radius.

住在同一个社区,邻居之间很少交谈,高耸的楼房似乎在人们心中筑起了一道墙,很多居民越来越怀念以前 "邻里 "式的大院关系。年轻人因为工作原因可能没什么感觉,但退休或空巢老人闲来无事,面对紧闭的家门,心中难免会有感叹。现代城市越来越繁忙,很多孩子为了自己的未来不断奔波,很难和父母在一起。这些都是发展的必然结果,也是现代社会永远无法平衡的关系。


How is the Radius APP working?
Radius APP是如何工作的?请点击下面交互视频查看详情。如果您在中国大陆地区观看视频,需要使用科学上网。

What's is the Radius?


User Location


01 Primary users: retired middle-aged and elderly people; empty nesters in urban communities

02 Secondary users. Retired middle-aged and elderly people; children of the elderly

01 主要用户:城市社区退休中老年人、空巢老人

02 次要用户:即将退休中老年人/长辈子女


​The Function


01 Life services: one-stop life services for middle-aged and elderly people

02 Community socialization: multi-channel to re-establish neighborhood relationship

01 生活服务:提供中老年人一站式生活服务

02 社区社交:多方渠道重新建立邻里关系


​The Hignlights


01 Targeted interface design for the elderly

02 Accurate push mechanism based on big data

03 A virtuous cycle system based on reward system

04 Multi-channel construction of neighborhood circle

01 针对性的老年化界面设计

02 基于大数据的精准推送机制

03 基于奖励制度建立的良性循环系统

04 邻里圈子的多渠道搭建

User Scenarios

Health status

Health status: Uncle Wang cares about his health, so he can check his health status and that of his loved ones with the bracelet at any time. 健康状态:王叔叔很关心自己的身体,随时查看自己与亲人的健康状态

Nearby activities

Nearby activities: Uncle Wang can't stay at home and wants to go out, so he can initiate activities anywhere and anytime, and the information nearby can be seen at a glance. 附近活动:王叔叔在家闲不住想出门溜达,随心随地发起活动,附近信息一目了然

Eldly people university:

Elderly people university: Uncle Wang wants to cultivate some hobbies for himself, and there are all kinds of hobbies he is interested in. 老年大学:王叔叔给自己想培养点兴趣爱好,感兴趣的应有尽有,社区同好一看便知

Nearby groups:

Nearby groups: Uncle Wang wants to find interesting organizations, join nearby groups, and meet with friends just a few steps away 附近群组:王叔叔想找到趣味相投的组织,加入附近群组,面基不过几步路的距离

Intelligent recommendation:

Intelligent recommendation: Uncle Wang just moved to the community without a few fixed friends, intelligent recommendation of friends, the end of fate 智能推荐:王叔叔刚搬小区没几个固定的朋友,智能推荐好友,将缘分进行到底

Medal reward:

Medal reward: Uncle Wang just wants to use the software quietly, establish reward mechanism to create an active community, encourage everyone to participate 勋章奖励:王叔叔只想安静的用用软件,建立奖励机制打造活跃社区,鼓励人人参与

Service Framework

Functional Architecture

Visual Norms

Low Fidelity Display

01 Register 注册

02 Homepage 首页

03 Nearby Activities 附近活动

04 Messages 消息

05 Nearby Friend Circle 附近动态

06 Post News 发布动态

Hign Fidelity Display

01 User Register 用户注册

The first time users land on the page, after a simple binding of mobile phones, will be based on their basic information, interests, hobbies, habits, community location, children's information several dimensions to form a basic homo needs, successful registration will get medals, accumulated to a certain amount can be used to exchange for goods.


02 Homepage 首页

There are five dimensions arranged in order of need: health monitoring, community life hall, nearby offers, senior citizen college and lifestyle services. Almost every aspect of community life services can be met here and users can access the services they need in the most direct way.


03 Nearby Activities 附近活动

The nearby events section is a great way to get matched to relevant events, covering all the community events you can think of. You can invite your friends to participate in activities such as mahjong, square dancing, chess and more, so that community life is not boring!


04 Messages 消息

As the information receiving end board, here you can view all event invitations, friend messages, property notifications and want to find an organisation? Click to join a nearby group. The system will also intelligently recommend friends in the community that you might be able to talk to, so that life is no longer lonely and isolated.


05 Nearby Friend Circle 附近动态

In the Square, users can keep up to date with the latest events in the community and post their own news wherever they like. Taking into account the special characteristics of the elderly community, the most intuitive forms of voice, pictures and videos are used for posting and displaying news, making browsing simple again.


06 Post News 发布动态

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